Creating a World that Works for Everyone

Centre for the Future is a global centre of knowledge and guidance towards desirable futures. Our mission is to act as a beacon of collective intelligence, guiding the way through transformative change. To that end, we are forming a network of futures-certified organisations, working together to build desirable futures for humanity and the planet.

Positive change through collaboration 

We support organisations that seek to foster their futures ability. We offer them tools and services for future-readiness assessment and capacity building. We also make positive change in our own right through transformational projects, events and partnerships.

Are we wise enough to survive our own success? 

Our present moment calls for ambitious visions. Many of the fundamental tenets upon which modern societies were constructed are no longer appropriate for contemporary conditions. This is a challenge for all – communities, governments, organisations, and individuals. Much needs to be reinvented. Through the networks we build and the projects we lead, our ambition is to define, design and curate world systems where the truest expression of what it means to be human can be realised.

Economics & Production

To develop new practices of economic production where wealth can be shared more equitably and poverty consigned to history

Learning & Socialization

To discover new wisdom that is shared and used for the benefit of humanity as a whole

Cultures & Communities

To find new ways of valuing and sharing the rich diversity of cultures, morals, and ways of knowing in a world-system unified by a common purpose

Power & Governance

To collaborate and self-organise in ways that advance our humanity, resolve differences peacefully, and leverage disruption wisely

Technologies & Intelligence

To generate a new appreciation of what it means to be human from insights gained by exploring alternative epistemologies and design ontologies

Ecosystems & Landscapes

To live in partnership with nature by evolving a regenerative consciousness that allows us to step more lightly on the Earth


Our community of trusted scholars from around the world reflects upon, and provides fresh contexts, for selecting the most appropriate intervention points in systems that need reinventing.


Our wayfinding experience captures fresh insights, from the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality within an immersive visualisation platform, that can be applied to help resolve the grand challenges of our time.


Our delivery capability deploys intervention capital to design, prototype, scale-up, and support experiments arising from the process of wayfinding.