The Team

Richard Hames

Executive Director

As a philosopher-activist my aim is to inspire and encourage meaningful transitions for greater numbers of people across all levels of society. By suggesting radically disruptive ideas and models, challenging practices that no longer benefit a majority of humanity, and designing better social architectures for organising, governing and leading, I want to help create a civilisation that is more empathic, equitable, and enduring. One that emphasizes what it really means to be human.

Stuart McGregor

Chief Steward, The Incubator

I am the founder and CEO of OSQO. Former market maker at Accenture, a Partner at IBM, co-creator of MiVote & Horizon State start-ups, and a career change agent. As a business architect I understand how to design and implement business models that keep companies competitive and relevant. My intent is to help liberate organisations from redundant constructs, understand their world for what it is and curate their place in it. 

Marvin Oka

Chief Steward, The Wayfinder

I enable wiser decision-making in society by facilitating the development of a generative, second order consciousness within domains that have high potential for systemic influence. I apply behavioural modelling in a variety of areas related to second order change, including second order leadership development, culture shaping, strategic and systemic thinking, and whole-system transformation.

Michael McAllum

Chief Steward, The Academy

I explore and design transformational journeys with those that understand the need to go beyond the unsustainable limits of a fast fading mechanistic society. As a futures architect I engage organisations, cities and regions in conversations about the emerging networked and collaborative age, how they might create value in this future and the architecture of transition.

Adam Jacoby

Domain Leader, MiVote

I am a serial disruptor and strategic artist with a twenty-year global history of starting, building, steering and selling fast growth businesses. Having experienced industry consolidation and technological disruption as a senior executive and business owner in the media, entertainment and travel markets across Asia, the United States and Europe, my appreciation of and comfort with change and strategic flexibility was inevitable.

Martin Blake

Domain Leader, Foresight Beyond Frontiers

With an International career commencing in the field of Preventive Medicine in a developing country with new found wealth and progressing through to advising multinational organisations in both the private and public sectors on strategic futures; change management has always been at the very core of what I do best. As a natural ‘systems thinker’ I have a well proven ability to ‘see’ through organisational dysfunction and then, having diagnosed the system with uncanny accuracy, I co-create innovative, disruptive, mutually beneficial intervention strategies that provide equitable, abundant outcomes for people, communities, enterprises and the planet.

Elizabeth Winkelman

Domain Leader, China Engagement 

I explore ways of understanding human potential, and how individuals and teams can achieve better outcomes for business. I have a nous for raising unconscious bias and empathy, with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region.  China has been my second-base where I undertook studies in Kunming, Shanghai and Guangzhou and worked within renewable energy, training and education sectors.  Since returning to Australia in 2009, I have advised Australian companies on cultural and business-related practices within the changing China landscape.

Melanie Mohr

Domain Leader, Media and Marketing 

I am a four times founder with 20 years’ experience in Media, Marketing and Mobile Technology. In 2016 I founded YEAY a social commerce platform for Generation Z to share honest recommendation videos with one another about the lifestyle products they love. In 2018 I became the founder and CEO of the WOM Protocol, a blockchain company helping brands tap into peer-to-peer recommendations and digital publishers monetize their platforms in a user-friendly way through word-of-mouth recommendations. I am a member and Global Chair of the prestigious H2 network from Silicon Valley as well as a chapter lead of the Disruption Disciples and  a frequent speaker at tech, blockchain and marketing events around the globe.

Tanja Schindler


I am an international and passionate futurist who sees the world from different perspectives and empowers others to deal with the future and its uncertainty.My focus is to emphasise the benefits of a Future Mindset, and I support organisations in understanding Futures Thinking as a holistic, sustainable and goal-oriented direction. Formerly working for large German corporates in the industrial and lighting sector, I now support organisations to successfully transforming businesses into the future.

Patricia Lustig

Strategic Foresight Practitioner and Author

I help organisations and people to make better decisions for today AND for the future for all stakeholders in the system. I want to help shift the world’s largely short-term thinking to better decision making based on longer-term thinking. I am a simplifier, pragmatic and endlessly curious. My experience and organisational insight give me the ability to think strategically and act operationally. I am the grit in the oyster; the person who asks the difficult questions leading to a different understanding and movement towards anticipatory action.


Goodnews Cadogan

Domain Leader, Africa Engagement

I influence leaders to develop values and beliefs that build a solid values-based framework, a reference and guide for their strategic conversations and transformation initiatives. I derive pleasure from working with my colleagues and clients, as we develop resilient strategic foresight, through transformative narratives. Advocating for the chosen values and influencing foresight outcomes through same is the major driver of my efforts as a Value Curator, always supporting our chosen brand promise. Over the years, my professional and leadership journey took me from electro-­technical engineering to manufacturing management, human capital management, public policy, tax administration and lately, management consulting, executive coaching as well as family & organisation constellations facilitation. I love Africa, the world and the humans that inhabit it, and therefore my passion for developing resilient futures is borne of that love.

Gary Saliba

Futurist, corporate strategist, systems thinker

I help leaders and decision-makers to expand their consciousness and heighten their awareness to have the capacity and capability to respond to the current and emerging challenges they face with their external operating landscape.Guiding the transformation of personal “operating systems”, beliefs, values and worldviews is an essential part of my work as it enables decision-makers to perceive their world differently, to catalyse new thinking and enhance decision-making. I support decision-makers in developing strategies, undertaking organisational development initiatives and cultural change programs; and help to improve the design of their organisations given the current and emerging dynamics that pervade the systems they are entwined within.

Using foresight techniques, methods based on the principles of Complex Adaptive Systems and Systems Mapping I support leaders and decision-makers to navigate complexity and uncertainty, enabling them to deliver on their purpose.

Bronwynne Jones

Designer & Integrator

I work with the people in your organisation, from leaders to workers, to develop your understanding of Strategic Navigation as a framework for living in the present and staying connected to the future.  Using this unique framework we can understand your organisation’s past, assess its present, and imagine its future. Together we can translate the frame of mind, concepts, and tools of Strategic Navigation into a language you understand, approaches that are meaningful for your organisation, techniques that will work for you, and systems structures and monitoring processes that integrate this into a way of managing and working that enables your enterprise to remain aligned with its environment and continuously relevant to its business ecosystem.

Jasper Zimmerman

Domain Leader, Operation PeaceQuest & Carbon Bad Bank 

 I am a solutions-focused Canadian journalist and policy analyst based in Berlin, Germany. I focus on reporting on and contributing to the development of initiatives for managing global existential risks, including climate destabilisation, biodiversity collapse, and war. My specific contributions include novel instruments in the domains of climate finance and biodiversity conservation finance, and initiatives for reducing the likelihood of wars. I am the the originator of two key initiatives in which Centre for the Future is engaged: the Carbon Bad Bank Initiative and Repurpose the Military Initiative.

Griffin Davief

Domain Leader, Technology & Digital Content 

I curate the Centre for the Future’s digital presence and assist with the technological development of all incubated projects. As a digital artist I create artworks show casing current political and environmental global issues to build visual awareness directed towards a younger demographic. As a Content creator I keep up with upcoming design and marketing trends to assist our members and clients in building their product or service using new and innovative design/marketing ideas.

International Advisory Group

Louis Zheng

Co-founder FuturistCircle,

Michel Bauwens

Founder, P2P Foundation,

Robb Smith

CEO, Integral Life,

Sohail Inayatullah

UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies, Australia

John Picard

Founder, John Picard and Associates,

Pooja Shukla

CEO & Founder, La Vida,

Diana van Dorrestijn

Director, Development Connect,
The Netherlands

Frank Jurgen-Richter

Founder & Chairman, Horasis,

Daniel Christian Wahl

Author, Designing Regenerative Cultures,

Michael Jackson

Founder, Shaping Tomorrow,

Atousa Poursheikhali

Institute for Futures Studies in Health, Iran

Sundeep Waslekar

President, Strategic Foresight Group,