The Team

Richard Hames

Executive Director – Founder

As a philosopher-activist my aim is to inspire and encourage meaningful transitions for greater numbers of people across all levels of society. By suggesting radically disruptive ideas and models, challenging practices that no longer benefit a majority of humanity, and designing better social architectures for organising, governing and leading, I want to help create a civilisation that is more empathic, equitable, and enduring. One that emphasizes what it really means to be human.

Tanja Schindler

CEO – Futurist in Residence 

I am an international and passionate futurist who sees the world from different perspectives and empowers others to deal with the future and its uncertainty.My focus is to emphasise the benefits of a Future Mindset, and I support organisations in understanding Futures Thinking as a holistic, sustainable and goal-oriented direction. Formerly working for large German corporates in the industrial and lighting sector, I now support organisations to successfully transforming businesses into the future.

Julien Leyre

Philosopher in Residence 

I am a French-Australian writer, educator and systems entrepreneur. I work with founders and visionaries exploring new solutions to the wicked problems of the 21st century, as an editor, mentor and strategist. I help them bring their vision to greater maturity. My experience ranges from education to governance, global catastrophic risk and digital ecosystems across Europe, Asia and Australia. I like to listen and look for common ground.