Foresight Beyond Frontiers

Foresight Beyond Frontiers is a transnational rapid response SWAT team. In times of existential threat, our strategic rescue and upgrade solutions enable clients to stabilize and survive while adapting to thrive in a future they did not see coming and were ill-prepared to face.

Martin Blake - Singapore

With an International career commencing in the field of Preventive Medicine in a developing country with new found wealth and progressing through to advising multinational organisations in both the private and public sectors on strategic futures; change management has always been at the very core of what I do best. As a natural ‘systems thinker’ I have a well proven ability to ‘see’ through organisational dysfunction and then, having diagnosed the system with uncanny accuracy, I co-create innovative, disruptive, mutually beneficial intervention strategies that provide equitable, abundant outcomes for people, communities, enterprises and the planet.

Goodnews Cadogan - Pretoria

I influence leaders to develop values and beliefs that build a solid values-based framework, a reference and guide for their strategic conversations and transformation initiatives. I derive pleasure from working with my colleagues and clients, as we develop resilient strategic foresight, through transformative narratives. Advocating for the chosen values and influencing foresight outcomes through same is the major driver of my efforts as a Value Curator, always supporting our chosen brand promise. Over the years, my professional and leadership journey took me from electro-­technical engineering to manufacturing management, human capital management, public policy, tax administration and lately, management consulting, executive coaching as well as family & organisation constellations facilitation. I love Africa, the world and the humans that inhabit it, and therefore my passion for developing resilient futures is borne of that love.

Shaun Deverson - Albury, NSW

With an upbringing and career in the military, I am naturally comfortable with complexity and ambiguity. In that vein, I have a specific focus on engaging organisations on a journey of strategic navigation, discovery and sensemaking, bringing enlightenment towards new identities through a regenerative lens and posture.  Ultimately I bring new frames for organisations and communities to think in systems and the principles of nature, permitting the constant tensioning and resilience towards sustainable and prosperous outcomes. This forges the bond that only by doing good for all now will translate to doing well into the future.

Diana Van Dorresteijn - Amsterdam

I started my career as a banker in the corporate private sector, at ING in the Netherlands, a multinational banking and financial services corporation. Being part of a management development program I was for many years a program and project manager in different business lines.

I currently hold a senior strategic advisor position at Royal HaskoningDHV, a well-known Dutch (global) corporate engineering, consultancy and project management organization which has the government (ministries and municipalities) of the Netherlands as its key client/partner.

In 2018/19 I worked as a senior program manager Sustainable Development and as program lead Circular Economy for the Dutch municipal government in the metropole Amsterdam managing a portfolio of around 20 million in the areas of Energy, Climate Change and Circular Economy, directly reporting to policy-makers for 2 of the largest municipalities and a network of 33 municipalities.

I am too, the director/owner of Development Connect, a Netherlands based company providing Advisory and Consultancy services in Sustainable Development worldwide and conduct assignments for different (UN) organizations most recently in the Balkans, and for UNEnvironment and UNWomen.

Joshua Floyd - Melbourne

I work in the fields of strategic foresight, futures studies and sustainability. I carry out independent research relating to the energy context for civilisational futures. I am co-author of two recent books on this subject. In addition to my work with Centre for the Future, I am Co-founder, and Energy, Systems and Society Fellow at The Rescope Project, Co-founder of the Centre for Australian Foresight, Co-founder and Co-host of FutureShift, and a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Futures. My professional practice involves working with organisations and individuals to develop rigorous, action-oriented thinking to improve their situations in the context of inherently uncertain futures.

Cindy Forde - Cambridge, UK

My work is dedicated to transforming how we understand and act towards Earth, the living system that sustains us. I work globally with leaders across sectors in education, finance, energy, communication and sustainability including University of Cambridge, the UN, Aviva and national governments. I believe the biggest impact we can have in making change is how we shape the mind-set of the rising generation and how we design our organisational systems. I have an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice. Prior to founding Planetari, I led the Cambridge Science Centre as CEO and the Blue Marine Foundation as Managing Director.

Durwin Foster - Vancouver

As a psychotherapist, researcher and technical writer with a strong background in mindfulness-based and integrally-informed psychology, I worked with Ken Wilber, pioneer of integral philosophy, in applying integral theory and mindfulness practices to research on ethics, psychotherapy and consciousness. Called a “hero” by Wilber for championing consciousness breakthroughs at the Mind and Life Institute, I was later invited to a conference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the topic of contemplative practices and health. I have authored or co-authored several articles in peer reviewed journals, and edited a book on the human will to transcend limited circumstances. In my therapy-informed coaching practice, I have many years of experience working with professionals and senior professionals, including C-suite, as well as with couples, consistently receiving a 90% or higher client satisfaction rate.

Richard Hames - Bangkok

As a philosopher-activist and global foresight practitioner my aim is to inspire and encourage meaningful transitions for greater numbers of people across all levels of society. I am motivated by the need to make a meaningful difference to the world our children and their successors will inherit. My knowledge and expertise in this regard derives from a lifetime of questioning and proposing viable alternatives to the thinking and behavioural habits we (mostly unconsciously) adopt to address complexities within society perceived to be problematic, confronting, unfair or inadequate. By suggesting radically disruptive ideas and models, challenging practices that no longer benefit a majority of humanity, and designing better social architectures for organising, governing and leading, I help create a civilisation that is more empathic, equitable and enduring. One that emphasises what it really means to be human and alive.

Patricia Lustig - Stroud

I help organisations and people to make better decisions for today AND for the future for all stakeholders in the system – the planet and its flora and fauna, our children and their children. My experience and organisational insight give me the ability to think strategically and act operationally, to help shift from short-term thinking, to longer-term thinking. By asking incisive, challenging questions I help people make sense of what is happening today, leading to new and deeper understanding and movement towards anticipatory action. I am multilingual with experience across the corporate, public and third sector and across cultures in Europe and Asia.

Wesley Payne McClendon - Melbourne

For more than 25 years, I’ve developed thinking, credentials and expertise in the areas of transformation and change, leadership and people development, and business and people strategy alignment. I’ve applied my learning across three interconnected roles: industry executive, management consultant and academic thought leader. My experience, thought leadership and outcomes have been realised in complex global companies and government agencies, sustainable resource and start up intelligent technology organizations and philanthropic institutions, Big 4 consultancies, advisory boards and top business schools in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, UK and US.

Marvin Oka - Melbourne

My focus is on enabling wiser decision-making in society by facilitating the development of a generative, second order consciousness within domains of high societal influence. My work as a Neuro-Behavioural Modeller provides me with a deep understanding of human functioning at three levels – individual, group, and within larger self-organising living systems. I apply Neuro-Behavioural Modelling in a variety of areas related to second-order change, including second-order leadership development, culture shaping, strategic and systemic thinking, and whole-system transformation and emergence.

Atousa Poursheikhali - Tehran

I am a Ph.D. student of futures studies in health and have started my journey as a futurist for about 6 years and there is a long way to go. I have worked in water resources management and I am working as a futurist in the institute of futures studies in health, now. The scope of my work is in consultation, project management (projects related to futures studies), knowledge management in futures studies, future literacy, health policy, and environmental scanning. I aim to have a role in making the world a better place to live in. And my excitement is in learning and discovering new things.

Tanja Schindler - Berlin

I am an international and passionate futurist who sees the world from different perspectives and empowers others to deal with the future and its uncertainty. My focus is to emphasise the benefits of a Future Mindset, and I support organisations in understanding Futures Thinking as a holistic, sustainable and goal-oriented direction. Formerly working for large German corporates in the industrial and lighting sector, I now support organisations to successfully transforming businesses into the future.

Jonathan Blanchard Smith - London

I help people make sense of the now and the future. Through my work with one of the UK’s leading foresight and strategy companies, I bring global business, advisory and third sector experience to futures thinking. Multilingual with experience across multiple cultures, I have specific skill and experience in national and multinational governments and institutions; in communication and comprehension; and in the derivation of the practical from the conceptual.

Sonia Stojanovic - Jo'burg

I am committed to organisational effectiveness, developing organisational systems, distinctive leadership and management behaviour and the genuine engagement of people, their hearts and minds. I am a humanist and am committed to ensuring that strategy and organisational design are effected by the people who are required to make the organisation successful. I am an organisation development and leadership consultant intent on helping to develop agile and sustainable organisations. I have over 30 years accumulated experience and wisdom in terms of contingency based solutions in settings requiring human resource and organisation development acumen. Central to my work is a deep desire for the organisational leaders I work with to make a difference in the world in a way that goes beyond a return to shareholder. I am particularly passionate about scale and large group methodologies that heighten the ability to deal with the complexity of the organization as a living system.

Hazel Tiffany - St. Albans

My mission is to change people’s attitude to complexity – to remove the fear many have and help them to find ways to navigate complex issues so that they engage more with their challenges. Working in systems analysis and design in the late 80’s introduced me to the power of data modelling and I have made information architecture and design a key part of my work throughout my career, currently in support of strategic thinking and development, and in understanding and explaining the dynamics behind challenges and opportunities.

Louis Zheng - Shanghai

I am a professional futurist, innovation strategist, and co-founder of FuturistCircle (China’s first futurist community). I have expertise in creating user-friendly product and service solutions with emerging technologies that ultimately improve social wellness. Born in China, educated and employed in the US, I have solid cross-market innovation experience. Previously I worked as a business, tech and social innovation strategist for designaffairs (part of Accenture) and Make-a-Point (China’s first social design studio). Prior to that, I advised city governments, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and tech startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.