The library is a freely accessible repository of artefacts, plans and visual presentations describing the genesis of the Centre for the Future – its philosophical ethos and the various projects flowing from our vision: to create a world that works for everyone. 

From 2015-2020 the Centre was effectively in an experimental startup mode. Projects were limited to proof-of-concept activities. Many of the more influential writings leading up to the establishment of the Centre are to be found in The Hames Report. We expect the Centre’s own library to grow substantially from 2020 as more projects are prototyped and incubated.

Original Source Documents

These items, dating from 2015, the year the Centre for the Future was formerly established, are the original three source documents used to guide our initial thinking and resourcing. We view these solely as historical artefacts and reference materials. As such they remain largely unedited and may not accurately reflect the many adjustments that have taken place in our thinking and operations since then. 

Our Culture & Ethical Tenets

The Centre for the Future is a globally networked enterprise, bringing polyocular clarity and pluralistic points of view, to the reinvention of systems that are failing the human family. Our organisational culture, shaped by the Centre’s many contributors, tends to be diverse and dynamic, yet also unified in its underlying purpose. It is not surprising that our organisational contracts and legal documents reflect these qualities.

Proof-of-Concept Projects

Centre for the Future projects invariably start from strategic questions that cause us to stop, think, and explore new ontological domains. Our first project was an attempt to bring together the various intellectual methods owned by the Centre in order to reframe and reform democracy as practiced. The not-for-profit platform and social movement MiVote – together with its for-profit technology partner Horizon State – was a small first step in reacting to the question: Can democracy remain a sufficiently effective and engaging political system given the speed and complexities inherent within modern societies?